Hotrods Custom Shop

Whether it’s the full treatment or a simple fix, we can get the job done on your classic or custom in our custom shop.  Call us at 520-547-7880 to schedule an appointment.

  • Custom Paint and Body
  • Complete Restorations
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Full Service Mechanical Work
  • General Repair

Check out some of our latest projects…

1936 Buick Special Business Coupe

1953 Ford F-100

1955 Chevrolet 210

1963 Austin Healey BJ7

1973 International 1110

1965 Chevrolet C-10 Truck

Owner: Randy Walters

Body and Paint
Truck was brought in for finish bodywork and exterior paintwork. Bodywork was previously completed and the truck was already cut in. Cab was assembled and given back to the customer.

1931 Ford Victoria

Owner: Gary Scheer

Full Body Restoration, Paint and Assembly

1923 Ford T-Bucket

Owner: Daryl Ostrander

Mechanical Work
Car features a custom fabricated brass radiator, tanks done in-house.

1923 Case Farm Truck

On Loan From: Brinton Museum

Full Frame Off Restoration

1965 Factory 5 Cobra

Owner: Stephen Pysher

Kit Car From the Ground Up

So what is Hotrods all about?

The open road in front of you, full of opportunity and adventure. The hum of eight cylinders under the hood. With each passing mile, the bond between man and machine grows.

As the miles stretch and the growl of the engine is matched only by the growling of your stomach. Just ahead, on the side of the expansive highway gleaming neon pierces the night. The iconic roadside diner appears like a mirage. With a turn of the wheel the big block Chevy purrs into a spot right next to the front door. Time to grab a meal and enjoy an experience you can only have on the open road...

Hotrods Old Vail, it's kind of like that.