Steamed Broccoli
Vegetable Medley / Mac N Cheese
Onion Rings / Side Salad

Sweet Potato Puffs
French Fries / Coleslaw
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy*

*after 4pm

Pink Lemonade
Apple Juice
Cranberry Juice

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi,
Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper,
Orange Crush,  Root Beer, Mist Twst

Iced Tea
Arnold Palmer


Coors Light, Miller Lite
Dos XX Lager, Hot Rods Amber
Stone IPA, Bud LIght
Kilt Lifter, Michelob Ultra
Barrio Blonde, Blue Moon
Barrio Mocha Java
Dragoon IPA

Ask About Our Rotating Beer

Bottled & Canned

Bud Light, Corona Extra
Corona Light, Angry Orchard
Dos XX Lager, Pabst Blue Ribbon
Coors Light, Miller Lite
Budweiser, Michelob Ultra
Stella Artois, Smithwicks

Happy Hour Every Day 3-6

$1 OFF

Our Starting Line, Beers & Well Liquors!

Hours of Operation

Wednesday – Thursday 11am to 9pm
Friday 11am to 10pm
Saturday 10am to 10 pm
Sunday 10am to 9pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday

So what is Hotrods all about?

The open road in front of you, full of opportunity and adventure. The hum of eight cylinders under the hood. With each passing mile, the bond between man and machine grows.

As the miles stretch and the growl of the engine is matched only by the growling of your stomach. Just ahead, on the side of the expansive highway gleaming neon pierces the night. The iconic roadside diner appears like a mirage. With a turn of the wheel the big block Chevy purrs into a spot right next to the front door. Time to grab a meal and enjoy an experience you can only have on the open road...

Hotrods Old Vail, it's kind of like that.